Dear Conservative,

I am a candidate for Town Council in the Town of Clarkstown.  I felt it important that you should have an understanding of who is running against the liberal minded, big government, candidate that the Conservative party has endorsed.

I have been a registered Republican since I was eighteen years old.  My political philosophies have been shaped greatly from my parents.  In 1985 I turned eighteen. President Ronald Reagan just started his second term.  I would listen to him speak about what it meant to be an American and what America meant to the world.  He spoke about the role of government and how government was the root of many of our problems, certainly not the answer.  He explained that the answers and solutions are always found in and by the people.  His speeches were powerful and mirrored much of what I was taught by my parents.

My father was born in 1925. He grew up during the Depression in a small town outside of Rochester, NY.  His parents were immigrants from Italy.  He was a veteran of World War II.  When he was seventeen he enlisted in the Navy.  He served in the Navy aboard a Destroyer, The USS Chauncey DD 667, from 1942 through 1947 in the South Pacific.  He experienced the greatness of this country, in battle and victory, and also its benevolence post victory.  He witnessed the Country overcome the adversities of the Great Depression.  He was self employed and his philosophy was clear, hard work and strong self reliance equals success and prosperity.

The speeches of Ronald Reagan, and the lessons learned from my father and mother, proved to me that conservative principles work, for everyone!  That government is not the answer, the people are!  Government has a place and a role and ‘we the people’ define that role.  We are ‘Citizens’ of a free country. We are not the ‘Subjects’ that are ruled by a government.  The inalienable rights God has given each individual cannot be undermined or taken away by another individual or group.  We are capable of handling the great responsibilities of being self reliant and self governed without government intrusion.  The government (a ruling class of people) does not know what is best for free people.  It is arrogant to think that ‘we the people’ need ‘others’ (a ruling class) to dictate what is best for us.  Quite the contrary, we tell the government what we expect from it and establish its limited role in our lives.

A government is in place to protect the freedoms of individuals so that they are able to attain whatever level of success they work for. When people strive to be the best that they can be, it only serves to better all other people.  When an individual becomes a teacher and strives to be the best possible teacher, our children benefit.  Patients benefits when a doctor strives to be the best doctor he or she can be.  Government does not contribute to the success of the individual. It is the individual that creates his or her own success as defined by that individual.

When you make the contrasts between me and the most liberal Democratic candidate that the Conservative Party has endorsed, the choice should be clear as to who a Conservative Party member should identify with and vote for.  I urge all Conservative to look past your ‘party line’ and vote for the truly conservative candidate.  Stand strong on your Conservative principles and vote for the candidate that has your interest at heart.


John J. Noto

Candidate for Town Council

Town of Clarkstown